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Last Updated: April 21, 2014

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Chopper rescues kids from stranded car

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    A helicopter rescue mission took the adults and children to Halls Creek Photo: WA Police

Five children and father airlifted after being stranded for four days in remote area.

When you have a car problem in the outback, it can be a life-or-death problem. However a family has survived being stranded for four days on a road in the remote Kimberly region of north Western Australia, after a man walked 50km and the father swam a flooded river to get help.

A search plane was dispatched and after spotting the bogged car, a helicopter rescued them, ferrying the two men and five children -- aged from three to 11 -- to Halls Creek.

WA police said the group's car had become stranded on unsealed road while travelling from Darwin to Halls Creek, and were cut off by floodwater about 80km from the nearest community. The group carried enough food and water for three days, but one child needed urgent medication on arrival at Halls Creek, while two other children required asthma medication.

While the father was trying to battle the rising floodwaters in the area to get help -- eventually reaching a station where he was able to get petrol, before then becoming bogged -- the other man's 50km walk met success when he was able to hail a passing vehicle that took him to the nearby community, where the alarm was raised.

WA police have said the group was lucky to have survived, and warned people travelling in the area to be prepared for potential flooding, and to ensure they carried ample food, water, maps, fuel and spare parts.

Police said they were delighted to be able to relate a happy ending to the adventure, but also warned the outcome could have been disastrous if not for good planning and a lot of luck.

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